The Rwanda Human Resources for Health (HRH) team meet former president Bill Clinton and the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame in 2013, the second year of the program.

Teaching nurses proper documentation using inpatient files.

My esteemed colleagues, we had a wonderful and productive time together. We were able to implement sustainable activities for both the Nurses and Nursing Students

Site visit with Dr. McCreary from the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing

Maximizing on available resoures in a resource limited-settting

Learning can take place in any environment. I facilitated weekly continuing education presented by the nurses on a Internal-Medicine ward

I respected the nurses I worked with, we figured it out together.

I learned so much working with the Internal Medicine Nurse Manager. Managing this patient population in a resource limited environment was challenging but we always came up with innovative ways to improve our patinet care.

Observing daily routine and practices in the OR to provide recommendations for improvment

The Director of Nursing is one of the most ambicious and hardworking people I know. We spent a lot of time brainstorming and planning to improve the Nursing Department. We wanted to empower the nurses to be more confident and knowledgeable so that they could provide the best patient care possible.

Clinical rotation (2017) of the first cohort of Masters in Nursing Leadership students at the University of Rwanda that were mentored by myself and the Director of Nursing.

Farewell from the hospital I worked for 4 years. This was a bitter sweet moment!